Actress, Sjoukje Hooymaayer (77) affected by cancer

In actress, Sjoukje Hooymaayer (77) is diagnosed with cancer. They stop for the time being, acting, and lays by her role in the musical My Fair Lady down.

That made production house, The Count and Cornelissen Entertainment Monday known.

“It is extremely sad news,” says producer Hans Cornelissen. The disease was some days ago discovered. “At the moment the doctors a treatment plan drawn up.”

Hooymaayer, to the public at large, especially of her role as a doctor, Lydie, van der Ploeg at , Say ‘ns Aaa, made after an absence of twelve years, her comeback on the Dutch stages with her interpretation of the role of Mrs. Higgins in the musical production My Fair Lady. Or the actress still returns in production, which is up in may in the theaters, is at this moment not yet clear.


“We live, of course all very with her, and request the media on behalf of Sjoukje and her family to respect the privacy,” says Cornelissen.

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