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Zulte Waregem is not over ten people from louvain take

Zulte Waregem has her campaign in Play-off 2A does not successfully started. Essevee took it in his own home against OH Leuven and was initially not easy, but in the second half it seemed that the forces of Francky Dury is still about the visitors to go to after a red card of Diedhiou. After a thrilling slot was, however, 2-2, Harbaoui missed a penalty in extra time.

It was Essevee that with a double chance of Olayinka the most dangerous in the competition began. OH Leuven had to breath, but also saw Harbaoui a good chance to miss. On the quarter plooiden the visitors anyway when Schuermans a strong push to Olayinka in the penalty area. Referee Laforge laid the ball on the dot, Harbaoui was spot-on: 1-0. The Tunesiër got again a bit later, a good chance, but could not score.

After a snedig beginning was the contest a bit quiet. Zulte Waregem have left OH Leuven more in the match and was out of there after 35 minutes mercilessly for the peak. It was Julien Gorius who, after a fine low ball from Aguemon 1-1 against the nets pushed. Zulte Waregem did not respond, though they had OHL-goalie Thammasatchanan two times to save the attempts of the Harbaoui and The Sart. With a 1-1 standings went to the players the catacombs for the rest.

In the second half went on the game was initially very similar, but the balance of the game fell after an hour of football completely in favor of Zulte Waregem. Diedhiou (OH Leuven) received a red card under the nose after a tough error on The Sart. A strict decision of Laforge, for Diedhiou clearly had no intention to for the only of The Sart. At Zulte Waregem, they went eagerly to their numerical predominance: Harbaoui failed to score with a nice bicycle kick and also Olayinka and The fauw did not score a goal. Nill De Pauw did with a beautiful curl: 2-1.

It seemed to be over and out for OH Leuven, but that was outside the ex-Esseveër Storm counted. He had two good opportunities, but also decided to two time just next. Meanwhile, Harbaoui to two times the chance on the 3-1. The goal fell, somewhat surprisingly, on the other side: Kostovski was in a corner, completely lost sight of, the Macedoniër picked up the gift love: 2-2. Storm got afterwards, another great chance on the counter, but missed. Essevee was in extremis also a second penalty kick is awarded after hands. Harbaoui put on for his second penaltytreffer of the evening, but missed: 2-2 was the final score.

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