Work of Dutch master found in an attic in Iowa

DES MOINES – In an attic of the museum, Hoyt Sherman Place in the American state of Iowa is a painting by the Dutch master Otto van Veen discovered. The work bears the name of Apollo and Venus, and was probably made in the year 1600.

Robert Warren, the director of the museum, discovered the work when he flags from the American civil war looked in the attic. “The assumption was that it was tucked away because it is what repair work needed,” he says against the local station WHOTV.

Van Veen was in 1557, born in Leiden. He is especially known as a teacher of Peter Paul Rubens. His paintings are on auctions for millions of sold.

The painting sat in a corner between a table and a wall, clamped and was heavily damaged, by water. Because of the damage it is likely never to be exhibited. The painting has now been restored and given a place in the museum, says Warren. It is not known what the value of work.

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