What decide the couples in Blind Married?

Who wants to stay in the marriage, who wants a divorce? With an average of 1.330.740 viewers (live+7) to date, good for a market share from 48.9% (VVA 18-54), it is clear that Flanders is eager to know what the couples have decided, five weeks after the start of the Blind Married-experiment.

Show, and Three, Dear, and Aljosja, Wendy and Damiano and Tim and Esther spend their last evening of the adventure, each in their own home by, so that they themselves can prepare for the important decision they must take.

Is there sufficient basis for Sweet and Aljosja to work on a long term future? Tone and the Three walked down a spotless trail, but is that enough? Continue Damiano and Wendy, good friends, or is there something more grown meanwhile? And are Tim and Esther soon their personalized house number that Tim already showed, against the facade of a new home?

Blind Married, Monday at 20.35 on VTM.

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