Veltman weather weakling at Ajax: “It was unjustified’

Joël Veltman had his comeback as basisspeler at Ajax in spite of the victory at FC Groningen (1-2) or otherwise proposed.

Joël Veltman must with red.

The captain, passed over in the previous two matches against SC Heerenveen and Sparta Rotterdam, was in the final with a 1-1 standings his second yellow card and caused a penalty.

“That first card was unjustified,” said Veltman, who the ball midway through the first half against his hand, and referee Kevin Blom a penalty kick saw give to FC Groningen. Goalkeeper Andre Onana, the commitment of Mimoun Mahi and prevented so that Ajax with 2-0 behind.

Heels over the ditch

Veltman, FOX Sports: “They went full through and sat there briefly, we had it difficult. With us it was sometimes half-half. Yet I had the feeling that the goals for us were to fall, especially since we have something else started to play. It is with the heels over the ditch.” Veltman miss due to his red card next week the home match against Heracles Almelo.

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