US blocking UN statement on Gaza

The resurgence of violence of the recent days in the Gaza strip seems not over yet. The United Nations are working on a declaration in which Israel calls for ‘restraint’, but the United States is blocking that text. The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the military has, meanwhile, congratulations for the ‘protect the borders of the country’.

Friday names between 20,000 and 30,000 Palestinians take part in the ‘Great march of the Return”. They were demonstrating at the border of the Gaza strip with Israel for the right of return of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to their homes in what is today Israel.

The manifestation turned out in force, with at least 16 killed and 1,400 injured as a result. The Israeli army says that eight of the dead ‘known terrorists’. Seven of them are members of Hamas, the eighth a militant of the Al-Aqsa martyr brigades.

The United States have Saturday a ontwerpverklaring of the Security council of the United Nations about the violence blocked. In the text called for ‘restraint and avoid further escalation’, and an examination of the confrontations between Palestinian demonstrators and the Israeli army.

‘Deep concern’

Kuwait suggested the Friday in the name of the Arab countries ontwerpverklaring for the Security council. In the statement, the council makes mention of “a deep concern with regard to the situation at the border” and he calls out – just as previously secretary-general, Antonio Guterres – on to an ‘independent and transparent investigation’.

In addition, insistence on the ‘right to peaceful protest’ and the ‘grief’ of the member states expressed with respect to the ” loss of onschuldigde Palestinian lives’.

The United States – a major ally of Israel – have Saturday, however, indicated that the text will not support, as said a diplomat Saturday to the French news agency AFP.


‘Bravo to our soldiers, ” says prime minister Netanyahu in a statement. “Israel acts hard and committed to its sovereignty and the safety of its citizens.’ The ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the other notice that the fence between Israel and the Gaza strip, a sovereign state and a terrorist organisation’ separates, which to the radical islamic Palestinian organization Hamas refers.

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