Tim Hofman father?

Tim Hofman and his girlfriend Lize Korpershoek have Sunday on Instagram, a photo shared that there is all the appearance that the model is pregnant.

With this glad schijnnieuws had the presenter and the model to their followers even bite, because it turns out to be a 1 April joke. For everyone who clicks through to the next photo on the account of Tim can read: “After months of silence and waiting, I can finally share with you: today is 1 april.”

However, not everyone is convinced that it is a joke, so responding there is someone at the post Lize: “Who says that a joke is…”, and a number of other people can gebbetje absolutely do not appreciate. A person writes: “THIS REALLY CAN’T!!! There are sooo many women who have an unfulfilled desire to have children. On april 1, this kind of ‘jokes’ I find disrespectful. Often, they’re already deep enough in the pit….”

Although the opinions are divided about this action, it appears in any case that Lize her belly around has eaten during the celebrations.

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