The Vintage Club is to last concert

Puella, the organization behind The Vintage Club wants the last concert a great success. Therefore, they get a call on Sunday 29 april at 15h with as many people as possible to come down to CC The Oven to Herzele. They like to do-namely, Erik Van Neygen, Roel Van Bambost and Hans de Booij for a sold-out hall to play and this is preferably for a very enthusiastic audience.

People who already have a concert of The Vintage Club meepikten found it more than worth the effort. From the moment that Erik the zangstonde opens to the last song, where the three men together, filling the stage and a final bang on give it will enjoy. The advantage compared to the early days of the concerts is that they are perfectly each other’s repertoire know. The band has clearly grown and during the second part, they fill each other in a fantastic way, with second and third voices, or with additional musical support on the basis of their favorite instrument. There are also the shrewd musicians Stef and Didier who have more than their contribution with the guitars, the beautiful voice and playing the keyboard. These two musicians are an indispensable link in this great whole.

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