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“The current F1 cars are too wide to be able to catch up”

During the GP of Australia, we saw not a lot of overtaking. Many insiders and fans fear that we and the rest of the F1 season not a lot of overtaking will. According to Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo, the F1 cars is simply too wide.

“I have a feeling that now with the wide tyres and wider cars, there is quite a lot place on the job is taken,” said Ricciardo, as opposed to ‘’. “It is difficult to ‘clean’ air. We are at the point that the circuits harmed will be by the way of racing. There will not be much use.”

According to Daniel Ricciardo to the F1 cars again narrowed to the overtake to promote. Otherwise, we will often ‘trains’ to see this season.

“It would be good to make the cars narrower. It is like motor racing because the bikes are so narrow there is always a place to pick up and they are about thirty seconds per lap slower than us.”

“I think it proves that not everything revolves around lap times. We must do something to the racing itself, that makes indeed for the spectacle.”

Since last year the F1 cars again a lot wider. Ricciardo believes that the bolides that between 2009 and 2016 was ridden, a lot better were the catch-up possibilities. The cars were smaller and slower, but it was easier to agree.

“What our standards are concerned, they were fairly slow, but as a spectator, you will notice that not always,” said Ricciardo. “But as far as the racing is concerned … you could follow, you could catch up. What overtaking is concerned, I think that the cars of 2014 and was very well.”

In the F1 is now being diligently worked on a solution for the inhaalprobleem, though it is feared that the really significant changes until 2021, and will take place, when there is a completely new technical regulation is introduced.

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