Russian governor road to fire shopping mall

MOSCOW – Governor Aman Toelejef of the Russian region of Kemerovo, where dozens of people were killed by the fire in a shopping mall, has resigned. The Russian state news agency Sputnik reported that Toelejef the free will to blow.

The havoc was enormous after the fatal fire.

The authorities in Kemerovo after the devastating fire of last week is under fire, because of the aid according to the population is much too slow. Also would the number of victims is partly due to the non-compliance with the regulations for fire safety. “With such a heavy load, it is impossible to as governor to continue to work,” said the 73-year-old Toelejef.

President Vladimir Putin has the resignation been accepted and Sergey Tsiviljov, one of the alternates of Toelejef, appointed the new governor of Kemerovo. Putin had said earlier that the fire was the result of “criminal negligence” and that the people responsible will be punished.

According to the Russian authorities fell by the fire of 64 dead, including 41 children.

Toelejef since 1997, the governor of Kemerovo. His term ran until 2020.

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