Rod Stewart claims to be cured by medicine man

cb44d9add615612e9e3950310a8e3a35 - Rod Stewart claims to be cured by medicine man

In 1994 it seemed that there were 3.5 million fans in Rio de Janeiro disappointed would be because Rod Stewart had stomach flu. Now he reveals that an hour before the show started, a shaman has to heal.

Sir Rod says to Bravo: “I had eaten and was suffering from diarrhea. I felt really weak, so the organizers have a man turned on. That gave me a prick and then I felt fine.”

The show that the rocker gave up on Copacabana Beach in the Brazilian city is in the Guinness Book of World Records ended up with the largest audience full of rockliefhebbers.

Stewart admits that he had to laugh at the fact that the sound for the people who later were very delayed. “Every 200 metres there were speakers. By the time the people that are further away stood the last note heard of the song that I sang, I was already in the car on the way home.”

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