Netanyahu and Erdogan clash: ’You are a terrorist!’

TEL AVIV – A verbal fight between two influential world leaders is on Easter Sunday to a climax come. After a cynical response from Benjamin Netanyahu, president of Israel, called his Turkish colleague Recep Tayyip Erdogan former of a ’terrorist’.

Erdogan spelled Netanyahu earlier in the lesson about the intervention of the Israeli army. The soldiers shot at least fifteen Palestinians dead and injured more than a thousand demonstrators. Erdogan spoke of a ’massacre’ and an ’inhuman assault’.

Netanyahu suggested on Twitter not served are the moral lessons of “someone who has been for many years, citizens’ bombards’.

Terrorist state

His Turkish colleague reacts during two speeches: “We urge any other countries. Netanyahu, you are an occupier and a terrorist”, said he. “You are a terrorist state. It is well known what you have in Gaza and in Jerusalem. No one loves you.”

At those words, Netanyahu again responded by referring to North Cyprus and the violence against the Kurds. “Erdogan would agree to themselves to look. That he is not used to it.”

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