Myjer feels ’a little guilty’ after joke

Bad news for the hundreds of students who hoped to be a college of Jochem Myjer: it was a 1 April joke of the comedian and the University of Leiden. Myjer came this week with the message that he’s six colleges would go about dealing with stress.

“I believe that if I college go give you gestrester comes out than you went in”, says Jochem in a Sunday published a YouTube video in which he confesses that it is ‘an old-fashioned 1 April joke”. “I think I am not the right person to you to learn how to deal with stress.”

Many students did not realize that they are in the comment were taken and registered for Myjers checkbox. “I heard that hundreds of students have specified”, chuckles the comedian in the video. “I feel a bit guilty about it.” Made raffled Jochem a number of free tickets for his upcoming show under the students who have given up.

The joke of the comedian and the university contained a small nucleus of truth’. Stress among students is according to the higher education institution is ” a growing problem that the University Lead her students to want to preserve, and wants to help’. Jochem press stressed students on the heart to knock on the door with one of the deans that them ’it is great to be able to help’.

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