Mandy Moore will conquer Kilimanjaro

Actress Mandy Moore has a different side of himself to know. The actress and singer climbed the last days of the Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa.

“There is nothing more powerful than to realize that we are up to so much more capable than we think,” she writes on Instagram with a photo of themselves at the top.

Moore’s journey to the top of the mountain was difficult. Among others, with her fiancé, she walked the last day, almost eight hours, and she climbed to a height of 5895 meters. “We were trudging up through rain, snow and sleet”, wrote the 33-year-old actress and singer. “Everything that could freeze froze: water bottles, backpacks, our eyelashes, hair, toes, fingers, etc.”

Despite the harsh conditions felt the This is usactress is “more determined than ever to have such a physical challenge”. “And yet it made the exhaustion and extreme cold it will be more difficult than we had thought.”

Moore dreamed for years of the African mountain to climb. Reaching the top was for Mandy, “emotionally and overweldigender than I had thought possible”. “Kilimanjaro demands a lot of anyone who decides to climb. You have no other choice than to go. And that’s what we’ve done.”

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