London pass New York as moordstad

London – Britons are shocked: for the first time in history, London has more murders than New York.

Inquiry after London attack

Last February there were fifteen deaths, in march already 22. The figures are very good for New York. There, the homicide rate fell dramatically, with a whopping 87 percent, writes the Sunday Times.

In London were the figures for the past three years, with forty percent.


Jacob whittingham made sure that the charity Fight for Peace is particularly disturbing because of the unpredictability of the murders in the British capital.

Especially men younger than thirty, are the victim. He fears that more people have weapons on their wear. Most of the deaths, incidentally, by attacking with a knife.

Social media

Sean Yates of Scotland Yard, the headquarters of the police in London, says that increasingly escalating fights on social media contribute to the high number of murders.

Police commissioner Cressida Dick says ’shocked’ by how easily young people in the life of another end.

The high numbers of murders are also due to the killing by terrorist attacks are taken into account.

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