Kazan with Jesus on the back seat by Montenegro

Hans Kazan attracted not only by Brownie Dutch by Montenegro for the BNNVARA program The most dangerous roads in the world. The men were given assistance from above: a huge painting of Jesus traveled for days on the back seat.

“I thought it was a horrible thing, but Brownie was very nice,” says Hans about the painting. Brownie came to the artwork on one of the first days of the trip and was, according to the magician immediately sold. “The first stop was at a monastery, on top of a mountain. We got Brownie but difficult. He is very religious and I am not.”

That difference did not for friction between the two men that ’one day or ten, twelve hours next to each other in the car were. Hans saw a practical problem when Brownie and his heart lost to the painting of Jesus. “I asked him:” how are we going to take? Eventually we made it on the back seat, with a seat belt. It was as if we had a passenger with us.”


Jesus proved to have a positive impact on the driving behaviour of the Brownie. “He is a bit more of the macho behavior,” says Hans, the driving style of the music producer. “One hand on the wheel, the other arm out of the window. If he then so hard it drove the stones in all directions flew, I said, “Brownie, if you’re not for me, do it for him” while I was at the painting be. Then went straight to set foot of the gas, and he rode a lot quieter. For me, he did it not, but for him.”

Really afraid of is the 65-year-old magician but once been. After a long day of driving, they had another hour to travel to the end point, but the duo still had a mountain. “It was becoming colder, it was freezing even, and there was snow. On a stretch of road that is about three metres wide was left and on the right a precipice beside us, we had about a pack of ice.” Hans wanted to visit the hotel and decided ’in his hubris’ about the icy roads to drive. “It is a miracle I have without scrolling, the other side removed.”


Not much later came Hans and Brownie “another ice rink”. “When it hit the danger, to me, the fear smote me to the heart. I thought: this is asking for an accident and I do want to again bring to the house.” Turn over meant, however, that they the car on a very narrow piece of road had to return, about the first slice of ice cream had to scroll and six hours in order to drive. “I really wanted to, so when his Brownie and I stepped out of the car on the ice with the hand to rotate. I still have a few hours of the angstzweetdruppels in my neck feel tingly.”

Nevertheless, watching Hans very positive return on his journey for The most dangerous roads of the world, that from Sunday night back every week to see on NPO 3. “I have a very good aftertaste afterwards. Brownie is a good guy. I love adventure, as exciting or dangerous, I’m sure.”


Thinking long and hard about when he BNNVARA was asked, did Hans not. “I see there might not look like a jungle Joe, but I,” he laughs. “But if it is something I do not know yet, then it is good.”

The magician knew of his travel partner. “I had never of Brownie Dutch heard, but it turned out to be a golden opportunity. I thought that we have two totally different personalities, but we were on very good terms with each other.” Also the destination was Hans unknown. “I am very blank stepped in. I have some superficial find information about Montenegro, but I am not prepared.”

Hans is very curious about ’his’ episode, but it’s Sunday, not for the tube as his adventure is being broadcast. “I’m in my house in Spain and have no Dutch television. But on Monday I will fly to the Netherlands and as soon as I can, I watch the episode back. Of course, I’ve experienced it firsthand, but I can’t remember. It is so much, I am very curious to see what they broadcast.”

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