Jesse Hughes apologizes after criticism of wapenprotest

Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes has excuses made for his harsh criticism of the young people that the March For Lives organized.

Last week the singer, who in 2015 was involved in the attack on the French popzaal Bataclan, via Instagram widely criticized on the students. He called the protest disgusting and found it shocking that the students free had taken to the action on the rope.

“As the survivor of a shooting, I can say from experience that anyone who is protesting and days off from school with his action, the memory of the victims defiles and me and other people who like freedom offends”, wrote Hughes in a post that he after a few days deleted.

In a new video he comes back on his criticism. Hughes explained that his post was meant to protest against all sorts of people that the well-intentioned action of the young people wanted to “hijack” it for their own political agenda. “But it came out as a vile and personal attack on the young people,” acknowledges the singer.

“I want to be clear, I have never had the intention to get the students to offend,” added Hughes. “I’m sorry, really, I wanted no one hurt or harm.”

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