History: Kim Jong-un enjoying South Korean music

PYONGYANG – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has Sunday evening in the company of his wife and his sister Kim Yo-jong is an historical action of South Korean artists in Pyongyang attended.

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The girls of Red Velvet (right), Kim knew, on his approval, have to rely on. Left applaudiseert the North Korean leader during performances.

Kim was in the Big Theatre in the east of the capital guest at a concert that was given by 160 South Koreans, among whom are the pop-stars Cho Yong-pil, Lee Sun-hee, Choi Jin-hee, the singer/actress Seohyun and the girl group Red Velvet.

Dictator Kim Jong-un will no doubt have enjoyed Red Velvet. He is in general fond of zanggroepjes with beautiful young women. Himself, he stated in 2012, the Moranbong band together, and it chose the Great Leader reportedly the members personally.

Also to this action, looked at Kim-jong un, that a whole slew of artists was presented.

Moranbong sings mainly about the great deeds and personality of Kim herself. Lyrics like ’How can he be so sweet’ and ’His smile is warm and sweet’ go in like cake. Texts of the South Korean Red Velvet at this location, is not known, but they will be very different.

Red Velvet.

New diplomacy

Earlier bwandelde his counterpart in the opposite direction: during the winter Olympics, visited the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, a performance of Samjiyon Orchestra, a North Korean company.

Meanwhile, the visit of Kim, that had been previously announced, have been designated with the term ” K-pop diplomacy.

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