Father killed in accident, fairground attraction, children injured

NEUVILLE-SUR-SAÔNE In the French town of Neuville-sur-Saone, near Lyon, is a man of forty to life came about when a trolley of a fairground attraction losschoot. Four persons were injured, among them three children.

The attraction collapsed, as report eyewitnesses.

According to local media would be the man with two of his children at the fair. Eyewitnesses say that the attraction, which consists of three rotating arms with fourteen small cars, suddenly collapsed. A trolley, popped it loose and hit the father with his two children, the attraction was. According to others, the man with his two children in the trolley have been.

The mayor has the funfair is shut down as long as the investigation into the circumstances of the incident. The owner of the fairground attraction is held by the police.

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