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Euromillions Basketball League. Aalstar again third after victory at Antwerp, Mons right Charleroi

Aalstar has Sunday 61-73 won on the parquet of Antwerp Giants, on the 24th day in the Euromillions Basketball League. Mountains got it with 78-83 in Charleroi in the second part of the back-to-back weekend.

Antwerp won Friday with 62-69 at Aalstar, but Sunday, would the East-Flemish inhabitants of antwerp a taste of their own medicine. However, pushed the Giants immediately on the accelerator: 22-13 after the first quarter. In the second quarter of the suggested Aalstar his defense. In ten minutes, swallowed the team of Jean-Marc She worst twelve points: 34-38 with the rest. After the break, kept Aalstar the defensive intensity in the third quarter threw Antwerp but eleven points through the basket. Okapi controlled the match in the last quarter. Senne Geukens was with 20 points the luminary at the visitors. Aalstar is coming again on the third place, at the expense of Charleroi, which lost to the Mountains.

Mountains was tuk on revenge against Charleroi. Friday pulled the Carolo’s still with 88-90 at the longest end after renewals. Mountains led with 16-22 after the first quarter. Under the impetus of Seth Tuttle came to the home team the lead at the start of the last quarter (58-55). In the last ten minutes did the troops of Daniel Goethals still turn the tide, thanks to Garlon Green. The American was good for 25 points.

For the second time in three days, I had Brussels are several recognise in Limburg United. Still without Muya and Lichodzijewski went to Brussels with heavy 84-64 figures down, after 56-86 pandoering on Friday.

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