Erdogan called Netanyahu a ‘terrorist’

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu there Sunday accused of being a terrorist. He did that after Netanyahu had said no moral lessons from Turkey are required to have.

Friday came in violent riots at least seventeen Palestinians to life and became more than 1,400 others wounded.

Erdogan had Netanyahu on Saturday already accused of being an “inhuman attack” carried out against the Palestinians. ‘The most ethical army in the world does not need lessons in morality from a country that its citizens since years randomly bombards’, said the Israeli premier. Previously he had his army all congratulations for the ‘protect the borders of the country’.

That comment was by Erdogan and not with thanks declined, and Sunday, he continued the discussion further. ‘Netanyahu, you are a occupier! And you’re in those territories as the occupying power. And you’re at the same time, a terrorist’, said Erdogan during a speech to militants who on television was broadcast. “What the oppressed Palestinians feel to it, is in the history books and we will never forget you.’ The president added that Turkey is no occupancy has been guilty.

The Israeli Defence minister Avigdor Lieberman declared on Sunday that Israel will continue to defend if the Palestinian protests continue, and that the country is ‘the principle of the ‘ iron curtain’ uses. He also suggested that the majority of killed Palestinians are “known terrorists”.

Lieberman also rejects the demand of the UN and the EU for an independent investigation to be open to the use of real bullets by Israeli soldiers. “I suggest to the entire group of hypocrites in Israel and abroad in order to launch an investigation into the death of a half million people in Syria, hundreds of thousands of deaths in Yemen, Libya, Sudan.’

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