Compensation for exploited stadionbouwers

DOHA – The organizing committee of the soccer world cup of 2022 in Qatar has a large amount set aside to pay compensation for the numerous exploited workers engaged in the building of the stadiums have worked. In total, 4 million euros were released, said general secretary Hassan Al Thawadi.

The football world cup in 2022 in Qatar will be held.

Trade unions and human rights organisations have been fighting for years against the exploitative working conditions in the construction of the state-of the art football stadiums for the world cup of 2022. There was gross exploitation of migrants, especially in India and Nepal. At the end of last year came a breakthrough when the government of Qatar legislation announced with many improvements for the workers, with decent contracts and a minimum wage as key issues.

“The importance of this compensation should not be underestimated. Too often, people are exploited, that their house have to leave for their family,” said Al Thawadi. The world cup of 2020 is due to the warm climate in the summer, but from 21 november to 18 december.

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