1 April joke explained Dries to no avail because

Dries Roelvink has Sunday the most fun. Hundreds of people, and the national media tuinden in its 1 April joke. “Of course I am not evil to a chocoladepaashaas with a yellow swimsuit”, laughs the singer.

“I got hate mails and Facebook has exploded,” says Dries to Private about his joke. The singer was ” a few weeks ago approached by the owner of snoepwinkelketen Jamin, ’a friend of me’. “He said: easter Sunday falls this year on 1 april. Wouldn’t it be nice if we have a muscular bunny with a yellow swimsuit in the shops and that you will be angry and you be relying on the release.” So said, so done. Also the video which Dries to a branch of Jamin, pelted with eggs, was an idea of the owner of the chain.

Before Dries ’yes’ said, had he ’can’t discuss’ with his manager. “That said, you’re going to a bunch of shit over you, but it is a 1 April joke, so we can do it.” Dries got paid for the stunt. “It was quite a nice financial deal. It is also not just a joke, I have a lot of criticism and I’m still a week have been busy. In addition, Jamin a large chain.”

In common

He lied not only to his fans and the press, also son Donny kicked in the joke. “Dave had the right by, but my youngest stepped on it. I had to really make an effort, but have him in the delusion left. I said, ’wait a while, your release will also be discussed. That should protect you. The yellow swimsuit is of me’.” When Donny the truth discovered, said to his father that he “in common.”

Although Dries Sunday ’lots of fun’, it is probably the last time that the singer participates in a 1 April joke. “As soon as I’ve where people can have doubts, everything will be labeled as a joke”, he estimates. “But it is fantastically successful. And easter bunny Easter Boss He is not dragging!”

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