Video Strootman mist of miraculous for open goal

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Kevin Strootman is on the social media topic of conversation. The international missed Saturday afternoon AS Roma a chance for open goal. At one meter distance from the goal line, without a goalkeeper in the local area, he worked the ball against the pole.

Kevin Strootman will miss for open goal

In the 29th minute, it looked like Strootman on a visit to Bologna for the second half. But the visor of the 28-year-old midfielder was not sharp. ‘Epic fail’ and ‘Ridiculous ‘ miss’ were the conclusions of football fans. Slogans such as ‘one of the biggest misses of the season” and ” how could he miss this chance?’, followed soon.

Click here to view the chance of Strootman for open goal.

Erick Pulgar brought to Bologna in the 18th minute on lead. In the 76th minute drew Edin champions ‘ manager insists, unlike Strootman, or for the 1-1. The contest, aimed at 12.30 pm it started, is still working.

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