UN: concern about Gaza, deterioration threatens

a6d029daf7afb0a2abcdbce99308544f - UN: concern about Gaza, deterioration threatens

GAZA – A high official of the UN warned the Security council that in Gaza “the situation in the coming days can deteriorate.” At protests Friday of Palestinians were definitely sixteen people were killed. The number of people injured in the march of the return, such as the protest is called, has risen to 1100. According to Palestine, there are even 1400 wounded.

UN official Taye-Brook Zerihoun called on Israel to adhere to international human rights and to protect children. According to Palestine in the protests children to the life to come. Secretary-general, Antonio Guterres called for an independent investigation into the deaths and injuries.

The radical islamic Hamas wants the action, the “right of return” for Palestinian refugees. There were about 30,000 participants.

Israeli soldiers shot aimed at troublemakers, such as the army on Friday also announced. Protesters threw burning tires, molotov cocktails and stones at the soldiers.

The protests would last until may 15. The Palestinians celebrate may 15 as the Day of the Catastrophe because of some 700,000 Palestinians fled or been displaced during the first war in the Middle East in 1948.

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