Turbulent week in Dutch tv-world

06de8eb1fd0c03ca36d1150d34b0c57e - Turbulent week in Dutch tv-world

It was a turbulent week in the Dutch tv world. John De Mol, who was also news agency ANP bought, frontal attack used on RTL. De Mol and his Talpa TV, after all, an owner of competing stations SBS6, NET5 and Veronica. Now that RTL has less viewers it attracts, The Mole full throttle forward to that transmitter down to draw. Beginning of the week it became known that The Mol the gentlemen from the popular Football magazine brings. Losing RTL7 his only kijkcijferkanon. Friday reported the AD that he is now The Voice of Holland wants. The Mol is owner of the format. Over the past seven years was The Voice with RTL and that transmitter has the first aankooprecht for a new season. But The Mole can, of course, the price dramatically increases. TV-figure Johnny De Mol is also all of the RTL to SBS gone, and the rumors are that kijkcijferkanon Linda De Mol will soon do the same. The figures of RTL weaken visibly. The promise of exciting times to be there.

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