The great sorrow of Tyra Banks

7567ecaebb056636f763afd98851e401 - The great sorrow of Tyra Banks

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine has Tyra Banks have spoken out about the great sadness in her life: a failed IVF treatment. The presenter of America’s Next Top Model is now the dolgelukkige mother of a son via a surrogate mother in the world. But the pain that she felt when ‘the ” her self was not able to, it is still there. She had the entire baby’s room all ready made when they found out that the IVF treatment had failed. It was as if my heart out of my body was ripped.” Tyra and Erik decided the help of a surrogate mother to enable. “That was great excitement, of the first ’embryo-moment’ up to the birth. Even though I was physically not pregnant, I went in all the phases of pregnancy along with the surrogate mother. And finally there was our son, a miracle.”

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