The fuss in the US: police shoot Stephon Clark death

c9e8b639ccb79af635fcb9ad6c0981cb - The fuss in the US: police shoot Stephon Clark death

SACRAMENTO – UPDATE In the United States is fuss because agents an unarmed black man shot dead. There are large protests in the city of Sacramento. Research commissioned by the relatives, it now appears that Stephon Clark certainly seven times in the back and she was shot.

That write the American media. Agents shots Clark earlier this month after a report about a man who windows struck. Clark fled then to the garden of his grandmother, where the police twenty bullets at him to open fire.

The agents believed according to the police that Clark was armed. On footage from a bodycam is, according to The New York Times to hear that an agent repeatedly “firearm” screams and almost immediately begins to shoot. Clark turned out to be only a phone to have.

Images from a police helicopter were made: Clark running through the garden.

The family did after the death of the man himself accounted for the run. An expert concluded that he was hit by eight bullets, none of whom are at the front of the body hacked. That shows, according to the lawyer of the family that Clark posed no threat, and died under “questionable circumstances.”

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