Teslabestuurder who died in crash had autopilot enabled

d541d3225b5fb1e330da41abf71f71c1 - Teslabestuurder who died in crash had autopilot enabled

The accident with a Tesla Model X on Friday 23 march is the most recent accident with a self-propelled car. ‘The driver had the steering wheel is not fixed in the six seconds before the crash.’

The 38-year-old Wei Huang died last week Friday, march 23, to the injuries that he suffered in the crash of his Tesla Model X. The car of the Apple engineer got to 9.27 pm local time, the median on the 101 freeway in the Californian city of Mountain View, rolled, caught fire, and was hit by other cars.

The Us regulatory NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) opened immediately an investigation into the circumstances of the accident. The most important question was: did the driver or he drove on auto-pilot. And that has Tesla now answered in a blog post.

The ‘Autopilot’ was definitely turned on and the adaptive cruise control (speed and distance with the vehicle in front, regulates, ed.) was set at minimum distance. “Earlier during the ride had the director of different (audio -) visual warnings. He had the steering wheel is also not fixed in the six seconds before the crash. Five seconds and 150 meters long could the driver of the concrete central reservation, but he did not.’

According to Tesla, was the median also damaged, making the impact even worse.

Previous complaints

The family of Wei Huang said earlier that he was before the accident on several occasions had complained about the autopilot. This would have been Tesla Model X seven on the ten times’ to the outside tilted to one particular point, whenever the autopilot got up.

Huang would be Tesla, according to his brother even brought in for repair at the local dealer, but there could be a test, no visible defect in the autopilot setting. The outside positioning could not be determined, according to American news channel ABC7.

Accident with Uber

The Teslacrash is a new accident with a car self-drive. On Sunday, march 18, arrived in the U.s. city of Tempe (Arizona), Elaine Herzberg to life. She was hit by a self-propelled car from Uber.

When the investigation into the Teslacrash in Mountain View known to himself, declined the share of Tesla with more than 8 percent to the lowest point in a year.

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