Sylvie enjoy with her Sander in the city of LOVE

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Sylvie Meis found at the beginning of this year, the lucky in love with Sander, after the last year for her ended in a minor key. And that love celebrates rampant, now the two together to Paris, traveled.

Sylvie Meis look at the life through pink glasses, now that she is with her beloved Sander by the city of love runs

It is the CEO of Abaca Press, Jean-Michel Psaila, who are the two in the city of love is scoffed and love telling about in the News. “They scoured the streets and they were beaming. Also on the pictures they seemed very happy.”

The amorous couple moved there earlier get together for a weekend, when Sylvie and Sander a few days spent in five-star hotel Slot Weissenhaus. A getaway that La Meis was already defined as: ’A perfect weekend’. And if that weekend on the German Baltic sea, all was perfect, then we wonder how they are these days with her flame in the most romantic city in the world, will be described.

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