Search Russian plane was routine

c6667b146ca2464b175936d8d1df0c24 - Search Russian plane was routine

LONDON – Britain has confirmed that a Russian plane Aeroflot from Moscow Friday at London’s Heathrow airport is searched. Minister of Security Ben Wallace called Saturday the measure a usual procedure.

“That happens to the United Kingdom to protect against organized crime and to provide protection against those harmful things like drugs and firearms to the country to try to bring”, let Wallace know. He added that the Russian unit after the control could just leave.

Earlier, Russia had the search of the aircraft of Aeroflot an “outright provocation.” According to the Russians, it is against all rules to have a plane to search without that the cabin crew on board.

The relationship between the United Kingdom and Russia since the attack on the ex-spy Sergei Skripal deteriorated. Over and Over again to dozens of diplomats expelled.

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