Search Russian plane is ’provocation’

e11e2a559bd8d45b54fb0adc334f344c - Search Russian plane is ’provocation’

LONDON – Russia is irate about a search of a Russian plane Aeroflot from Moscow that Friday at London’s Heathrow airport has landed. The Russian embassy in Britain says that the search is an “outright provocation”. According to the Russians, it is against all rules to have a plane to search without that the cabin crew on board.

The British authorities have not yet commented on the allegations. The aircraft is now again left to Moscow. The London police says of nothing to know.

The relationship between the United Kingdom and Russia since the attack on the ex-spy Sergei Skripal heavily deteriorated. Over and Over again to dozens of diplomats expelled. Also other countries, like the Netherlands, Russian diplomats expelled.

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