Schalke 04 set titelfeest Bayern Munich

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Bayern Munich Saturday night still no champion of Germany. The last remaining competitor, Schalke 04, made earlier in the day, no error. The club from Gelsenkirchen won with 2-0 from Freiburg.

The players of Schalke 04 to build a party.

Daniel Caligiuri drew in the 63rd minute from the strafschopstip for the openingsdoelpunt . On the side of Freiburg had to then Nils Petersen with red (two times yellow) after 66th minute to clear the field. Then it was the duel to decide. Guido Burgstaller doubled in the 73rd minute for Schalke 04 the score.

However, it will be a matter of time that Bayern Munich in Germany, the title grabs. The hole with Schalke 04 is 14 points. The recordkampioen (27x) lost of the 27 matches played, only three times, won on the other hand 21 times and played just three times equal. The topploeg, with Arjen Robben as one of the trendsetters, playing tonight at 18.30 in own home against Borussia Dortmund.


Arjen Robben picked up with Bayern Munich already a lot of prices.

The hall of fame of Robben at Bayern Munich is impressive. The former star player of Orange conquered all six league titles in Germany, picked up four times in the cup and won once-the German Super Cup. Also, there were major international prizes. He won in 2013 the Champions League. In the final with Borussia Dortmund, he was even for the game-winning hit. Also triumphed Robben at the world cup for club teams and the European Super Cup conquered.


By right to play (1-1) at VfB Stuttgart ran track last Hamburger SV a point in at Cologne, with a whopping 6-0 onderuitging at Hoffenheim. Rick van Drongelen played the second half in the Burgers.

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