RZA wanted rare album Wu-Tang Clan back

d27334460d150f358a5ec6e1de80c1c4 - RZA wanted rare album Wu-Tang Clan back

Wu-Tang Clan-rapper RZA at the end of last year tried to the rare Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin back in and get your hands on. The controversial American businessman Martin Shkreli had the only copy was on eBay but RZA fished behind the net.

“The first thing I did was have my lawyer call,” says RZA, the stage name of Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, against the Rolling Stone. Soon came the rapper found out that he the plate could not buy because of the contracts that were signed during the sale to Shkreli. “They said: no, it’s not,” says RZA. “Is that not bales?”

Wu-Tang Clan sold Once Upon a Time in Shaolin in 2015 Shkreli for the staggering amount of $ 2 million. The plate was thus in one fell swoop the most valuable album ever. In the contract of sale was, inter alia, that Shkreli the music, and the next 88 years could not share it with others. There he was, however, not always. Several times he showed fragments to hear on the internet.

The album is now seized by the American justice system. Shkreli, in the general public are better known under his nickname ’Pharma Bro’, was earlier this month to seven-year prison sentenced because he investors had been ripped off. What to do with Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is going to happen, it is still not clear.

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