Ruth Beeckmans wants more acting in movies

87649e8daedc2a5bcd1d886de68f75eb - Ruth Beeckmans wants more acting in movies

Ruth Beeckmans has it in DM Magazine about her ambitions. “More film, absolutely.” She examines even if they make a movie more in your hands. “Acting, I like it, but it makertje in plays me sometimes, and I want to figure out how far I can go. What I would like to tell. But if it remains as it is now, that’s fine.”Abroad? Check, albeit as an earlier inkling of desire. “I have never dreamed of. Is it funny that foreign countries such a power of attraction on us. Ultimately, that also just countries with people. I don’t think it’s my cup of tea, but that thought Koen De Bouw, perhaps, and see him do it at his age. So cool.”

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