Rome afraid of attacks with Easter

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ROME – Italian authorities are holding their breath for attacks with Easter, the most important celebration for christianity. The caretaker Interior minister Marco Minniti warned that muslim terrorists Rome in the visor.

Roman agents, check the environment of the Collosseum on explosives just for the ‘Via Crucis’celebration with Pope Francis in Rome.

This is evident from several indications. These days are therefore to 10,000 police officers in Rome used. Blockades in the centre of Rome have made an attack difficult to prove, incidentally, is not particularly watertight. A Turkish, incidentally, further, innocent, a truck driver drove yesterday without the blockage down to just in front of the parliament.

Minions Anis Amri arrested

The Italian police has this week’s five henchmen of the terrorist, Anis Amri arrested. This committed in december 2016, an attack on a christmas market in Berlin, in which twelve people were killed. The detainees, four Tunisians and a Palestinian, were an attack to want to commit in the metro of Rome. The Palestine Salem Napulsi was of the opinion that the “unbelievers” the heads and genitals hacked off had to be, as it turned out from a tapped phone call. He is in prison in Rome.

Heads cut off

This week is also a chairman of an islamic cultural association from the Southern Italian city of Foggia arrested. This to Italian naturalized 59-year-old Egyptian, taught children that the only paradise could achieve if they died in martyrdom. To achieve that they had with their swords the heads of unbelievers to be cut off.

’Infidel’ penalties

In Turin this week, a 23-year-old immigrant arrested on behalf of IS a terrorist attack, wanted to consult with a truck. He also sought other radical muslims to do this were willing. Yesterday a Moroccan, in the Northern Italian city of Cuneo picked up. He praised the martyr’s death on social media and wanted to ’unbelievers’ punishment.

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