Robin Martens will sing scarier than dancing

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Robin Martens is known that they can dance and acting. The former GTST star won in 2016 the program Dance Dance Dance but participation in It Takes 2 is many times scarier.

“With dance and acting, I feel sure,” says Robin, who has not yet been in the sing for a large audience. “Singing is the scariest because it is the most vulnerable. When you sing you actually feel like you are in the nude state. It sounds quite crazy but certainly on such a big stage.”

Robin did like the challenge, when she was asked for It Takes 2. “I was certainly eager to participate. If my character Rikki in GTST I’ve ever been on tv singing, that was when the storyline with all of the sweet little songs.” A big difference with It Takes 2, where Robin is now with the band must rescue.

Anxiety in other candidates

Also for its other candidates is It Takes 2 one of the scariest things they’ve ever done. “I made my song a thousand times sung in the car. But ultimately it’s that one time good one”, says EO-presenter Bert van Leeuwen. “And it did not go well. If you indenkt, that makes it so scary. But then, if it actually works, and people clap for you, that’s really incredible.”

Marieke Elsinga was to own say, almost crying when she for the first rehearsal on the stage. “Everything is new and different. You stand with a band, you get those ears in, you need your microphone, otherwise stick to when you presents”, lists them. “Back then I was really almost crying, so scary I found it.”

The discharge afterwards made it more than worth it. “It was really a kick,” says Marieke. “Then you come off stage and I thought: no matter what the jury says, I have done, I have been. How far I go.”

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