‘Rijkaard-route” can Younes solution

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The well-known voetbaladvocaat Jan Kabalt gives Ajax player Amin Younes (24) the urgent advice not just at a different club than SSC Napoli to draw.

Amin Younes

“If he is indeed a five-year contract with Napoli is agreed, then the misery in that case, not to overlook,” said the lawyer. “Anyway, he runs the risk of a suspension and a compensation that he is to Napoli should pay. But also any other club gets itself in trouble on the neck. It is now generally known that Younes for Napoli has signed. That knowing will be the new club also sporting sanctions can count, and possibly also a compensation to Napoli to pay for.”

If Younes, as he now indicates, not per se to Napoli, would the ’Rich man-route’ according Kabalt could be the solution: that another club, the contract with Napoli afkoopt and Younes records. “Also, when Rijkaard was there (by Ajax) a fee paid (PSV) for a player who for the ’selling club’, not even when the bond was registered, let alone for the club, but also a minute has trained or played with.”

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