Remco Campert writes ’notes’ despite pension

a43b6b1308d5a59a971f3503bec51a5e - Remco Campert writes ’notes’ despite pension

Remco Campert continues on a very irregular basis ’notes’ write. This will be on an irregular basis in the newspaper to be published, reported the newspaper Saturday.

The 88-year-old Campert announced in early march rather abruptly to stop writing. “He is tired and old and has enough written on it”, left his family via his publisher De bezige Bij know. There is no direct medical reason to stop working. There is no new material from the author more on the shelf.

He won’t come back on his decision to no columns or novels more to write. “Except occasionally a poem, or a piece such as this,” he writes in his first ‘note’.

Campert is a poet, columnist and writer. Since the fifties, he built a significant body of work, and he received several awards for his work. Famous books include The life is vurrukkulluk from 1961, that this year was filmed, and A love in Paris (2004).

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