Relief supplies in the port of Yemen in flames

8e8b740f2e80b7016cb1ac7d41ecb186 - Relief supplies in the port of Yemen in flames

HODEIDA – A large fire in the Yemeni port city of Hodeida multiple sheds destroyed, in which supplies were stored. According to eyewitnesses, went under more warehouses of the world food programme in flames.

“The fire destroyed huge amounts of fuel and humanitarian assistance and food,” confirms an employee of the united nations organisation. In the pilots would be under more mattresses been stored that were destined for people by the war have been displaced. According to the world food programme is the cause of the fire is investigated.

The port is in hands of Houthi rebels who are fighting against a Saudi Arabia-led coalition of countries. Hodeida is located on the Red Sea and is a major import port for humanitarian goods. About three-quarters of the population in Yemen, according to the UN humanitarian assistance.

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