Relatives say goodbye to Stephen Hawking

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In Cambridge will be Saturday afternoon, say goodbye to the deceased scientist Stephen Hawking. The funeral service for 15 hours Belgian time place in the church of Great St Mary’s, near the university where the astrophysicist for more than five decades of research conducted.

According to the BBC, approximately 500 family members, friends and colleagues are expected for the service. One of the most notable attendees is Eddie Redmayne, for his portrayal of Hakwing in the film The Theory of Everything is an Oscar.

The axis of Hawking will later be interred in Westminster Abbey, next to the mortal remains of Isaac Newton.

Hawking got his 21st of the diagnosis that he was suffering from the incurable disease AS. By the illness he ended up in a wheelchair and he had to use a computer to communicate. He was considered one of the foremost experts in the field of gravity and black holes, and gained worldwide fame with his book ‘A brief history of time’ (‘universe’ in English), in 1988 was published and of which more than ten million copies were sold.

The professor died on march 14, peacefully in his sleep at home in Cambridge. He was 76.

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