Q2 brings on Easter The Passion of The Christ

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Q2 brings on Easter, Sunday april 1, at 20.35, the oscar-nominated film The Passion of The Christ, which in the last 12 hours of Jesus are shown. Director Mel Gibson brought a fine cast together, including Jim Caviezel (The Thin Red Line) as Jesus Christ, Maia Morgenstern as Jesus’ mother Mary, and Monica Bellucci (Malèna) as Mary Magdalene.

5 facts about the film:

1. Jim Caviezel got really injured during the shooting
Jim Caviezel had during the recordings a cross of about 60kg to carry. When the shoulder was taken to the scene to film, it went wrong causing him a shoulder injury suffered. That scene in the movie, despite his ‘injury’. The pain on jim’s face is to read during his journey with the cross, is so real.

2. Assistant director Jan Michelini was struck by lightning on the set
During the recording, it was Jan Michelini, the right hand of Mel Gibson, but less than two times struck by lightning. Fortunately, he has nothing to show for it. It is also doing the round that Jim Caviezel was also struck while he hung on the cross, but that is never confirmed.

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