Puigdemont from prison, ” I will not give up’

ebb55bb4b5f19d004095eaed200cd81c - Puigdemont from prison, " I will not give up’

Marketed Catalan minister-president Carles Puigdemont has from his cell in Germany tweets that he will not specify. Puigdemont that for the first time since his imprisonment personally.

In his tweet explains the 55-year-old Catalan: “Let everyone be clear: I will not specify, I will not comply, I will not terugwijken for the wrongful acts of those who the ballot, have lost (…).’

Moreover, blames he the government in Madrid that they are willing to put in the rule of law on the game only and only to the unity of the country to ensure.

Previously had one of his lawyers, Gonzalo Boyé, after a visit to the politician already has a similar message passed. He said that Puigdemont ‘will never surrender’ and ‘committed to the struggle to continue’.

The 55-year-old Puigdemont was on march 25, arrested in Schleswig-Holstein, after the car to the Danish-German border was crossed on the way from Finland to Belgium. Monday, the court decided that the Catalan in the cell, in Neumünster, should continue pending the court proceedings in connection with the demand for the surrender of Spain, where Puigdemont is prosecuted for rebellion.

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