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Peter Callahan shipwrecked on sigh of EK-limit at 1,500 metres

Peter Callahan has Friday night in the 1,500 meters at the Stanford Invitational in the United States won. The 26-year-old American Belgian, international for Belgium, suits, klokte 3:38.41 and stranded, as just 31 hundredths of the limit for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin in August.

At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Amsterdam in 2016, came to Callahan for the first time for Belgium. He went there when in the first round of the 1,500 meters. In Berlin, from 6 to 12 August, he wants to return to his.

The match at Stanford was the first in a series of major competitions in the United States in the coming weeks, where several Belgians, a first attack on the EK-limits car. Callahan showed Friday night the best.

The personal record of Callahan state since last year in 3:37.57, the requested time for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, it is 3:38.10.

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