Lindsay Lohan catches bone

7cc7a0a6f00f995c15857a3a976a5aa5 - Lindsay Lohan catches bone

Lindsay Lohan may not re-file a lawsuit against the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5. The actress has the highest court of appeal in New York was not able to convince the likeness of a character from the game with her. Lohan complained in 2014 Take Two Interactive. The American found that the character Lacey Jonas too much on her looks. Initially, she had success, when a court found that the character Lacey Jonas is indeed Lohan seems to be. But in 2016, it found a court of appeal, however, that Take Two “makes no use of plaintiffs name, portrait or picture.” Even if Lacey Jones is really a copy of the actress would have been, had they, according to the court no matter.

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