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“Lewis Hamilton took a mental opdoffer in Australia”

0445bdfbb784c855ffdd45bc12ff7d55 - "Lewis Hamilton took a mental opdoffer in Australia"

According to former F1 pilot Jolyon Palmer will defeat during the GP of Australia traces at Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton saw through a virtual safety car competitor Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari win, and that was with Hamilton during the race hard. The Brit shouted during the race, his disbelief on the radio and after the race continued Hamilton blankly sitting in his Mercedes.

“The first psychological touch is distributed,” says Palmer. “This will be Hamilton hurt. He drove a perfect weekend and lost the race by circumstances that he himself is not in the hand had a nightmare.”

“As a driver there are many other questions that he and the team want to ask, you want to know how the error is able to walk. After all, this is mainly due to just bad luck.”

“If Hamilton knew that the gap with Vettel was too big, then he might have been able to push and the gap reduced. Ultimately, it is the virtual safety car of the race has decided.”

According to Jolyon Palmer will be the defeat of Hamilton on a mental plane traces at the Brit, while Vettel and Ferrari just the extra motivation you have gained, even though it was a Ferrari in Australia is slower than Mercedes.

“For Vettel, and Ferrari gives this gain them a serious boost and energy for the rest of the year,” said Palmer.

“Mercedes will learn from this loss. They will be leaving nothing to chance in Bahrain. Hamilton will be with the knife between the teeth to drive and very motivated to take revenge.”

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