Karin Bloemen and Jan Dulles singing Robert Long

39e769bb5183f56daca2f9db7db86963 - Karin Bloemen and Jan Dulles singing Robert Long

Karin Bloemen, Gerard Cox, Jan Dulles, Richard Groenendijk and Jenny Arena are five of the singers on 22 and 23 October to occur during a large Robert Long Tribute in the New luxor theatre in Rotterdam.

Also, Joke Bruijs, Maaike Widdershoven, Roberto de Groot, Dieter Troubleyn, Sjors van der Panne and Tommie Christiaan, during special concerts to hear. They bring the greatest hits from Long to sing. The total of twelve singers want to show their love and respect show to the unforgettable contribution the Lung has delivered to the Dutch song”, they argue in a statement.

Robert Long would be on October 22 to 75 years old. The singers will be during the tribute musically accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra. The concert will, as yet, not in the NPO.

Travel version

The tickets for the two nights in Rotterdam Saturday started. Except the hommageconcert in the Luxor tours there is also a travel version of the tribute by the whole of the Netherlands. In this depiction, interpret, Maaike Widdershoven, Roberto de Groot, Julia Autumn and Dieter Troubleyn work of Long and they talk about their encounters with him.

Robert Long (1943-2006) was a singer, writer, comedian and presenter. He wrote often fierce songs where he is clearly a statement made: he was positive for the environment and for sexual tolerance and against capitalism, the church and hypocrisy.

He made dozens of albums and received several awards, including six Edison awards and a Golden Harp. His first Dutch language album Sooner or later from 1974 was 118 weeks in the charts. He died at the end of 2006, the consequences of peritoneal carcinomatosis.

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