Jimmy Carter prays for ’glans’ Donald Trump

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NEW YORK – Jimmy Carter has very little to with the current president of America. Carter, who own the land led from 1977 to 1981, was on television, asked whether America “and a” jerk “as the president” wants. Then he said with a smile: “Apparently, these recent elections.”

Jimmy Carter

The 93-year-old former president appeared Friday in the broadcast of The Late Show. He told presenter Stephen Colbert that he is for Donald Trump pray. “I pray that he is a good president and that he us in a land in peace will hold and that he will refrain from the use of nuclear weapons and that he is the human rights will promote. So yes, I pray for him.”

Carter, that city travel to his new book to promote, also said that he always thought that “tell the truth”, the most important characteristic for a president. “But I am the last time changed my mind.”

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