Japan closes nuclear reactor after discovering a leak

f18745fc2602827ddf81f797679ba8b9 - Japan closes nuclear reactor after discovering a leak

TOKYO – A nuclear reactor in southwestern Japan after a week been out of use, after Friday a leak was discovered. According to owner Kyushu Electric Power is no radiation released.

It comes to reactor 3 of the power plant Genkai, which is on the island of Kyushu. After the discovery of the leak, the electricity stopped and the reactor is investigated.

The reactor was last week on Friday after seven years once again. Local residents had even before the nuclear disaster of Fukushima in 2011 on the nuclear power plant complained. Since then, the laws are more stringent.

In Japan are now only four more reactors operational. For the disaster in 2011 was a third of the energy in the country generated by nuclear power plants, with more than fifty reactors.

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