Impressive guest list for the liverpool area

c3bc318e5cbdbf1d9ec871b97b098b91 - Impressive guest list for the liverpool area

Dirk Kuyt (37) was his whole career a real team player. But that he is there with his ex-team mates so well got up, even had he not expected. Whom he approached for his final contest on 27 may, everyone said a resounding ’yes’. Even FC Barcelona star Luis Suarez – Kuyts friend at Liverpool – want The Cockpit to be present when the Dirk Kuyt Seasons, but his name is nevertheless a question mark. “He is counting on that day after the final, the Champions League income to be able to celebrate,” laughs Kuyt, who, despite an impressive guest list to consult.

Dirk Kuyt will get more than a year after winning the national championship with Feyenoord a final contest in The Cockpit.

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